Macbeth: Internet Style (Continued)

What follows doth be a continuation of yesterday’s epic translation of Macbeth. Prithee enjoy this fine work!

RECAP: The witches have held their first sinister meeting, and the Thane of Cawdor has just been exposed as ‘soooo backstabbin’ by the Thane of Ross.



witch 1: hi

witch 2: r we all here?

witch 3: duuude

witch 1: nice. is that macbeth?

witch 2: ya

macbeth: wat the hell is wrong wit da scottish climate

banquo: lot of things. hey r those witches

macbeth:ย theyre sure ugly enough.

witch 1:ย shut up. anyway, we r spposed 2 make speech here

witch 2: sumthing bout hailing

macbeth: dont need to tell me weathers bad

witch 1: other meaning

witch 2: anyway r u thane of glamis

macbeth: yeah, y?

witch 2: u r in luck… ur now thne of cawdor 2

macbeth: lol no.

witch 2: true. guy was traitor. gonna be x-cutd.

macbeth: o_O

macbeth: suuuuure… anything else?

witch 3: yeah ur gonna be king


banquo: been practicing for ur own comedy show, have u?

witch 1: hell no, we r creatures of darkness

witch 2: in case u forgot this is a TRAGEDY

witch 3: shakspers darkest

macbeth: thats true. i havent seen the sun for 2 weeks now

witch 1: THAT IS NOT WAT I MEANT!!1! ok well anyway… ur gonna be king in couple of days.

witch 3: yeah… oh andd banquo?

banquo: wat

witch 3: ur not gonna be king. gonna get murdered.

banquo: DAMMIT!!!11

witch 3: ur sons r gonna be kings though

banquo: LOL WAUUUU macbeth lets go this madness might be catching

macbeth: yeah… i dont believe in prophecies… what, do u think this is the middle ages or sumthing?

witch 2: it *is* the middle ages, idiot

macbeth: watever.


macbeth: y

ross: ur thane of cawdor dude!!!!!!!!!1111!!!

macbeth: WUT

macbeth: O_______O

banquo: u in w/ the witches

ross: hell no I hate em

witch 1: we take personal offense

ross: yeah watever anyway macbeth is thne of cawdorcawdor& duncan is comin today

macbeth: ๐Ÿ˜• U CANT BE SERIOUS

ross: yeah well he invited himslf

macbeth: omg omg g2g send email 2 lady macbeth

banquo: kk bye dude


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