Operation: Benji! Day Three

After a long break from programming, I am back and ready to immerse myself in the world of Java, as per Operation: Benji! However, the world of Java does not seem to be eager to have me immerse myself in it. Today when I opened Eclipse and started up my program, I could almost feel the computer sulking at me.

Right now I am trying to figure out my SETI program, which I recently discovered might actually be possible! See, there’s this nifty thing called InputStreamReader, which actually reads keyboard input. It’s amazing!

(Cue Aerosmith: ♫ It’s amaaaaziiing… ♫)

So I immediately created a new class, which I named SETIWouldBeProud, and appropriately public-ed and static-ed and void-ed and main-ed it, added a couple of Strings and args (the latter still reminds me of pirates), and then set about figuring out how to write the program.

Unfortunately, I am a bit hazy on how to actually implement InputStreamReader. Apparently you can’t just type it in. Apparently, you need a whole block of code just to make it work. Something about try { and throws and InputStreamReader = new InputStreamReader(System.in); – the last phrase either enables the computer to read a single character of text or invites aliens from Neptune to camp out in your backyard. It’s not clear.

Huh. Maybe I should tell SETI that their program isn’t coming isn’t coming anytime soon. But I have a nice one with ducks they might like!*


*See Operation: Benji! Day Two for more information.

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