Operation: Benji! Day Two

As it turns out, dear readers, there is a Java equivalent to raw_input. But it’s really long and ugly and, judging from Eclipse’s reaction when I put that in there, has some sort of personal feud with the compiler. So it looks like my SETI dreams aren’t coming true any longer. :(

On a brighter note, I figured out what an array is. It’s… it’s… dangit, I forgot. Hang on.

(sound of rapid page-flipping)

Ah yes. An array is something you make after public static void main(String[] args) {, which I never get tired of typing. Basically, in an array (no I’m not going to stop bolding that), you create a bunch of new objects and give them some sort of number. I think. For example, you can create an array of seven Ducks:

Duck[0] = new rubberDuck();

Duck[1] = new rubberDuck();

Duck[2] = new rubberDuck();

Duck[3] = new rubberDuck();

Duck[4] = new rubberDuck();

Duck[5] = new rubberDuck();

Duck[6] = new rubberDuck();

Which would then leave you with a heck of a lot of Ducks in your program, which would then leave you with a mostly useless piece of code. (“Hey, Mr. Drake*, sir, I couldn’t figure out how to make that program you wanted me to, but I did make this swell one with ducks!” Yeah, that’d go down well.)

So, in conclusion, dear readers, I hope this short post has been both entertaining and uninformative, because we wouldn’t want you to start actually learning things from this blog, now, would we?

Of course not.


*Frank Drake, one of the main minds behind SETI. I don’t think Sir Francis Drake, sixteenth-century English buccaneer, would work very well in this context.

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