Let’s pretend it’s April 12th because I couldn’t log into this accursed site on the actual April 12th and this title has gone on too long.

I was lazy today, and didn’t feel like writing a legitimate post, so I decided to skive off and make a list instead. Without further ado, I present to you 16…

April 12th Facts!

April 12, 238: Gordian II – whoever he is – loses the battle of Carthage – wherever that is – to the Numidians. His dad, Gordian I, does himself in. Talk about sore losers.

April 12, 1831: A group of soldiers marched across the Broughton Suspension Bridge in England and caused it to collapse. Lay off the fish ‘n’ chips, mates.

April 12, 1869: Henri Désiré Landru is born. By posing as a respectable widower during World War I, he was able to seduce and murder ten women. And one of their teenage sons. I could make a wisecrack about this, but it probably wouldn’t be very tasteful.

April 12, 1877: The UK annexes the Transvaal. This triggered the Boer Wars, fondly dubbed the “Bore Wars” by smart-mouthed world history students.

April 12, 1912: Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, Second Vice President of Indonesia, makes an entrance into the world. Try to say his name ten times really fast.

April 12, 1941: Nazi Germany annexes Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was a sort of mash-up of a bunch of different Slavic peoples. It didn’t really work out. The Germans were actually welcomed.

April 12, 1945: Less than a month before V-E (Victory in Europe) Day, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt conks it. He is replaced by Harry Truman. Nuclear bombs ensue.

April 12, 1947: David Letterman, famous talk show host, is born. I’m too young to be able to make any jokes about him.

April 12, 1953: Lionel Logue, King George VI’s speech therapist, dies.

April 12, 1955: Jonas Salk proclaims his polio vaccine ready. Unfortunately FDR is already dead.

April 12, 1956: Herbert Grönemeyer, German singer, is born. We don’t know what the words in his songs mean, but they sound cool. Especially Der Weg.

April 12, 1972: Dimitrios Kokotis, a Greek high jumper, is born. His highest jump was 2.32 centimetres.

April 12, 1999: President Bill Clinton charged with – we quote – “contempt of court” – regarding his sexual harassment case. Oooo… someone’s been naughty.

April 12, 2010: Derailed train near Merano in Italy kills 28 people. Again, not wisecrack appropriate.

April 12, 2010: First Global Day of Action on Military Spending. Their first action was… well, it must not have been very important, since the Wikipedia people didn’t bother to mention it.

April 12, 2018: Holocaust Remembrance Day. Need I bother to put the wisecrack disclaimer here?

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