Dear Readers,

It has been approximately six months since I last posted on my blog. There are many reasons for this: the six AP courses I was foolhardy enough to take in my senior year, an extended trip to England and India during the summer, etc. The main reason, however, is that, once college decisions season ended, I was swiftly and brutally walloped with an attack of advanced senioritis, and spent the next half a year doing nothing but listening to banjo music and reading alternate-universe stories about the Tudor dynasty.

Now my senioritis has been thoroughly cured, and I have deferred my admission to university for a year**, I have plenty of time to do whatever I want. Namely, self-study Physics and Calculus, teach myself Latin, read the dictionary, and write plenty of odd blog entries***.

So get ready, Readers, to be inundated with weird historical facts and an abundance of extremely bad jokes – for The History Hacker is ALIVE!
(dramatic and uplifting music begins to play)

*As far as I know

**Why, you ask? Well, I say: why not?

***As you can see, I have a very rich and diverse social life

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I am Aditi Ramaswamy... the History Hacker. I like history, and hacking. Occasionally, I attempt to hack history itself. Sometimes it even works. Oh, and in my free time I also double as the state of Virginia (we really need a state fruit).

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