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In order to increase profits, we have agreed to post a few advertisements on this website.

Greetings, extraterrestrials! Tired of manually cleaning space debris off of your Personal Spacecraft every time you take it out for a ride? Think it’s time for an upgrade? Well, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! The PowerCraft P5003.14159.265358, sponsored by the BMER (Bureau of Mars to Earth Relations) itself,  is trendy, compact, high-power, and, most of all, self cleaning. That’s right – no more wiping down the hull, and struggling to remove those obstinate dark matter particles. One press of a button, and the PowerCraftP5003.14159.265358 is sparkling clean!

Order now at zzz.khrweijfewurlwejhfr@ukwhrjje3r$ksfhjekjreljr.dpn, and instantly save time!

Prices are subject to variability – anywhere from 2,000 to 138,578,493,000,000,000,000,000,000 IMUs (Intergalactic Monetary Units).
Though the PowerCraft cleans itself, it does not provide its own detergent. It requires a daily supply of at least 5,000,000 Mass Units.
At least 20 accidents have taken place with the PowerCraft, in which its cleaning mechanism imploded and annihilated its surrounding area of at least 5,000 miles.
Incidents such as this can be prevented by hourly lubrication of the mechanism using PowerCraft Lubrication Solution, which you can buy at
zzz.khrweijfewurlwejhfr@ukwhrjje3r$ksfhjekjreljr.dpn for 8,000,000 IMUs.

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