Greetings, Earthlings (Bloglings?)

Welcome, dear readers, to Paradise.

Actually, that’s subjective. If you’re a nerdy, shark-loving, story-writing teenage bookworm like yours truly, then this is most definitely Paradise. If you’re not… then hopefully this’ll be an entertaining read in any case.

Anyway, back to the point! Which is… er… actually, there really is no point

This is not a self-portrait. Or is it...?

to this first post. It’s kind of like one of those complicated initiation ceremonies that schools have. You know, the kind that involves sitting on uncomfortable wooden benches and

singing patriotic anthems like the Clean Up Song? (To my knowledge the Clean Up Song has never actually been used in one of these events, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. The songs we sang in high school ceremonies were definitely just as ridiculous as that beloved kindergarten melody.) The point is, those ceremonies seem to have no real objective – except perhaps to intensely bore you and make you actually want to open your Calculus textbook. So too is the point of this blog.

Nonononono, don’t get out your Calculus textbook!! That’s not what I meant!

What I mean is, this blog doesn’t really have a theme per say. More like – like a collection of opinion pieces written from the point of view of a teenager who’s actually vaguely literate.


Hmm – has this gone on too long for a first blog entry? Perhaps it’s best to end it now. Without further ado, I present to you…

Aditi’s Blog!

Bon appétit, dear readers.

Enter if you dare.

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I am Aditi Ramaswamy... the History Hacker. I like history, and hacking. Occasionally, I attempt to hack history itself. Sometimes it even works. Oh, and in my free time I also double as the state of Virginia (we really need a state fruit).

12 thoughts on “Greetings, Earthlings (Bloglings?)

    • Sorry for replying so late (I’m not bothering to count the months) but thank you! I had a lovely Thanksgiving break, much better than the last one, during which I fell and split my face open 😛 all right, I shall hereby dub you…. Miss Asparagus, because it’s a half rhyme. Howdeedo, Miss Asparagus? Didja know that most plant leaves grow in patterns using either the Fibonacci sequence or Lucas numbers?

    • Be sure to keep that mustache lubricated with some sort of oil – I recommend the stuff that drips out of cars – to keep it at its hirsute best!

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